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GLOBAL REWIND 2017 - Science World

Global Rewind

On May 5th, we attended the Global Rewind event at Science World to learn more about sustainability and how everyone can contribute to saving the Earth.When we checked in, we were given a sheet of paper for a scavenger hunt and could enter to win prizes by the end of the night. Our job for the scavenger hunt was to take pictures of 5 different things listed on the paper. The event didn’t start until 6:30pm so I decided to explore inside of Science World with my group. Most people spent their time at the tables with puzzles until they called us into the science theatre. Inside the theatre, we watched a skit based in the future with a family discussing about what snow looked like and how it used to colder up north. The background image was a city in wrecks and it definitely looked like global warming had caught up to them. Afterwards, we were shown a few videos on how people would contribute to a greener earth which were created by schools in the Lower Mainland. The videos …